Aura, the captain of a spaceship on a deep space exploration mission, is rudely awaken from a decade-long hibernation. Her ship has sustained major damage from a meteor shower, and with every moment the situation is getting progressively worse.

We follow this exhilarating story of survival in real time, as Aura moves from one strategy to another, trying to rescue the lives of the rest of the hibernating crew, as the disabled ship is being pulled into a black hole.


A woman who narrowly escaped an evil force in a past-life must risk her soul to save her present day sister from the same fate.


Two sisters they throw a Christmas house party, however they are unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings.


An interaction with Craigslist is a quick and unmemorable affair, every so often something will happen that turns the story down a weird and sometimes even bizarre path. That is what THE LIST is all about. We want to take true stories that have happened to real people, either from posting or responding to something on Craigslist, and dramatize them into a series of short stories.
Every episode will be a different story. Every episode will have a different cast. But every episode will carry the thread of being authentic tales about something that occurred only because of Craigslist. This isn’t a show suited to the long form format of television or the constrictions that come with a televised series. These are snap shots. Short stories that can only be told properly with a web series.


Brandon DeWolfe is a rather immature teenager who many consider to be a loser. When he turns 18 he buys his first lottery ticket and wins $3 million. Instead of living happily ever after, this event sets off a string of challenges in school, his love life, his family situation and it even leads to a run in with the law. Brandon can’t figure out who his real friends and allies are and he is headed toward the kind of trouble he’s simply not prepared for. He discovers that money does not necessarily bring happiness and sometimes good luck turns out to be bad luck or in this case, dumb luck.