A viscerally exciting thriller about a druggie who panics and takes off when he wakes up to find that the woman he had partied with the previous night has OD’d. Presented in real time, so that the film appears to have been shot in one continuous take. Directed by Justin Mcconnell.


Co-written/co-directed by Justin McConnell (Skull World, Ending the Eternal) and Serena Whitney (co-writer of the upcoming ‘Mark of Kane’), the film follows two sisters as they throw a Christmas house party, unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings. The short was produced by Shannon Hanmer, Whitney, McConnell, and 9 Light Entertainment’s Pasha Patriki.

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Dumb Luck


Dumb Luck is a dark tale about one day in the life of a brilliant but bullied teenager Brandon, who also happens to be an unlikely winner of a lottery. What is seen by most as a happy miracle that should solve all life’s problems, turns out to be anything but…

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Short film based on a true story about two people who met off Craigslist for anonymous sex. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW!

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