Dumb Luck completes its casting for the short film


Dumb Luck completes its casting for the short film

07:30 21 July in News

There are exciting developments happening here as the pre-production of Dumb Luck continues. We have completed our casting for our short production!  The cast includes the talented and beautiful Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Generation, Full Out), Jim Annan (Repo Men, Puck Hogs, Talk to me), Andre Kim(Degrassi: Next Generation, Defiance), Berkley Silverman(PAW Patrol, Game on) and Halle Nunes.  These cast members join the previously announced cast of Adam Copeland (Highlander: Endgame, Haven), Dylan Everett (Degrassi: Next Generation, Insomnia), Mackenzie Munro (I Declare War, Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist) and Jesse Bostick (Copper, The Listener, The Borgias, Between, Race). 9 Light Entertainment, the production company headed by Pasha Patriki, is very excited to be working with the talented cast.

Adam Copeland Headshot Casting
Ana Golja Headshot
Dylan Everett Headshot Casting
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Andre Kim Headshot
Jesse Bostick Headshot Casting
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Mackenzie Munro Headshot Casting

“We have assembled an amazing team for Dumb Luck. From crew to talent to agents to ACTRA – we have been receiving amazing response and support so far. I feel very lucky and thankful for everyone who came onboard. Our crew consists of some of the best artists in the city, and our cast is probably the best Canadian cast a short could hope for. I think everyone feels our passion for the story and filmmaking process, and they gravitate towards that” – said Pasha Patriki, Executive Producer of the project.

What is very exciting about this stage is the development of the story from the script to the screen.  Any film starts as an idea by creative talented people who want to make a story come to life. But the only way it comes to life is by working with equally talented and creative cast that help shape the characters and brings their own expertise to the role. Jonathan Popalis, director of the film expressed his excitement about all the cast he will be working with. “I’m so excited to be working with such a wonderful and talented cast for Dumb Luck. I have the utmost respect for the craft and process of actors; their ability to create whole new people out of the ether is always astonishing. As a director it is my job to tell a story, but it is the actors who bring that story to life and make it a real tangible thing for an audience. Knowing the caliber of actors and actresses I will be working with, I feel spoiled with the possibilities of what we’ll be able to accomplish. I am humbled by their talents and look forward to telling our story together.”

Production for Dumb Luck starts in August and pre-production for the feature film starts in Fall 2016, and is being the second film in queue for production by 9 Light Entertainment.

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