Dumb Luck project launches an IndieGoGo campaign


Dumb Luck project launches an IndieGoGo campaign

06:51 13 August in News

9 Light Entertainment and the team behind Dumb Luck are excited to announce that our Indiegogo campaign has launched!But it’s not just about crowd funding. We see it as an opportunity to get our message out there. What is the message? Watch our campaign pitch video!

What is even more exciting are the benefits that we are offering you. One of the very unique perks to our campaign is the ability to own a piece of film history. For just $5, donors will receive a digital frame of the film. For $10, donors will receive a digital frame of the film featuring one of their favorite actors including; Adam Copeland (Brandon’s dad (aka Edge)), Dylan Everett (Brandon), Ana Golja, Mackenzie Munro (Kayla), Jesse Bostick (Grant), Jim Annan (Mr. King), Berkley Silverman and Halle Nunes (Cookie Girls). That means for a cup of specialty coffee you will be able to support our film and get something better than a warm beverage, a piece of history!

Films are made of individual still frames – 24 frames per every second of motion picture; and we are offering every one of these frames of the film for sale – so each frame will be owned by a fan. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is both a supporter of movies, and a fan of our talented cast!

There are also other exciting perks in the campaign, such as attending the cast and crew screening, be in the film credits, or even get an executive producer credit.

Supporting this project will be a key component to finish the post production of the short film. Finishing the short film will help us show the movie at various festivals across the world, increasing our support for the feature production. The feature film will be in production summer 2016.

We encourage you to visit our Indiegogo campaign page. Learn about the project, share it with your friends, and perhaps even own your own little piece of film history.

Here are just some samples of what your own frame might look like:




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