The List (web series)

Have a funny or weird story to share about your experience with Craigslist?

We are developing a cool new web series “The List”.

– We want to take true stories that have happened to real people, either from posting or responding to something on Craigslist, and dramatize them into a series of short stories.
– Every episode will be a different story. Every episode will have a different cast. But every episode will carry the thread of being authentic tales about something that occurred only because of Craigslist.
– This is a teaser for the (NSFW) pilot of THE LIST, based on a totally true story. Watch it, share it, hopefully enjoy it, and use it as the inspiration for what your story might be:

If your story inspires an episode of our web series, you will receive a credit in the episode, and a shout out from our Youtube channel.

We are also looking for professional writers who would like to submit fully fleshed-out episode scripts. Please contact us for more information before submitting your script.

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